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Don’t mix transparency and fake opacity

You’re running a company and you start to think to disclose more informations about it, good point. Like Buffer or Baremetrics did the idea is pretty good.

Sharing informations that are usually private can be good if you do it correctly, however if you don’t, it can be bad for you.


You know that everyone in your company knows about your new transparency culture, so first you have to talk with them because it’s not because you disclose the company revenues that your want to share your own annual dividend amount, right?

So do a meeting to explain them what is good to share and what is not, without it you just opened a door, not the good one.

Don’t Lie

You’re sharing data that maybe your coworkers know about it, don’t fake it. Publishing a salary grid with false values means nothing, this is not transparency but just fake opacity, I don’t have words for this but “lie”. Do you want to be treated as a liar? Remember that your co-workers know the real numbers and know that you’re faking it. You’re debunked.

Share your Failures

Yes, don’t only share your success, when you fail, you also have to be transparent. You never fail? Really? So you never learn anything? Ok so don’t forget to be transparent on this part of life of your company.

We Learn From Failure, Not From Success – Bram Stoker

A co-worker left your company? You fired someone? Don’t just remove him·her from your team page, this is not transparent for anyone.

You sold your company or a product from your company? Share it with details! Why do you want to hide something? This is not transparency at all.


Someone asks you about the resolution of an issue publicly on twitter or facebook? Answer and talk about the problem publicly, s·he’s not alone with this issue, you know it. Trying to ignore leads to bad buzz, trying to handle this in private will discredit you.

Don’t Change

One of the most important, don’t change your way to be transparent with time. Saying “we will publish again later” and then nothing more … lie again?

I mean if you decided to disclose your revenues, do it for real, don’t change the values, don’t stop to do it after a few months, it means nothing. Do you really want to be transparent? You said it, but you don’t do it!

Over time the informations shared are reduced, too bad!

Are you really transparent or you already left that behind you a few months ago now? Think about it.

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