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How to write an article per week

Writing a blog post is never a priority for most of us. And because we never prioritize it, we never publish anything in months.

But this is how to break the vicious circle and create good content without spending half a day.

In a few steps, each day, you’ll be able to write a post per week. Because it’s very important to speak to the world about what your company is doing.


First, find the idea for this post. You may have to look for data, trending topics, competitors, friends etc in less than 15 mn

Then find its title to create a draft in your blog and schedule your post for friday 5pm or monday 8am, 5 mn for that.


Do some researches for 20 mn maximum, then write at least 5 keywords in the post content. Doing that, you’ll have a better view of what to write.


Write the intro and excerpt of the post now, because it’s quite short, it’s like wearing shoes before going on the road. 10 mn is enough.


Write the outro now because you know where you wanted to go with your readers. Same, done in 10 mn.

Maybe add a call to action on the post for your product or whatever.


Now you can write the main content because, re-reading the intro and outro, you know how to bring people from point A to Z, this is your idea, your post, you can write 2/3/4 paragraphs in less than 30 mn.


Don’t forget to add a featured image to hook an eye on your post, you can do that when you found a good one during your researches, don’t spend more than 5 mn for that.

In less than half a day, cumulated, you managed to write a blog post. By doing this every week, you’ll be able to write more than 1 per week for sure.

If your posts are usually huge, like 3,000 words, or needs at least 4 hours of researches, just adapt the idea and cut it in days.

Would you test it?

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