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How to speak about a salary raise with an employee

Sometimes an employee deserves a raise. Not just because they are the company since 1 year, but maybe because their skills are just better, they are more efficient, they took responsibilities, etc

I won’t talk about the case where the employee asked for it, but you want to reward them. So, how to handle a raise, what to say, when and where?

When To Talk About It

There is no best moment, but you should do it when you’re not in a meeting with other employees right? You can do a 1to1 meeting for that.

Where To Say It

Anything but chat. Don’t only use a chat to say it. In a room, on skype or phone are the best way to talk about a raise. You need to see them or at least hear them in live.

What To Say

Or “What To Not Say” because raising a salary is not a thing you throw in the face like that. The employee needs to understand why they deserve it.

So don’t start by “Hey we just wanted to raise your salary” or “Since everyone get one, there is yours” or “Do you want a raise?” or even “Tell me why I should raise you” if they didn’t ask for it.

You have to talk about the why the idea of raising the salary is here. Point each good thing you think has to see with the raise. Don’t talk about bad things like they could have earned more, never. You’re here to talk about the good points and the raise, don’t mix the messages.

At the end, don’t ask if it’s enough, at the same time, don’t raise the salary for 1% or 20$ expecting a “wow thank you”.

Don’t wait for anything in return now, some people just do not how to handle this situation, let them go and cut the meeting as soon as possible. If they want to come back later and thank you again, they’ll do.

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