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How To Detect Stress At Work

When you are managing a team, you have to take care about the employees. Being capable of detecting the possible stress is a good way to make a break with someone by providing them a new task, a new colleague, a free day.

When you’re the employee, you also have to detect your own stress to being capable of requiring help from the manager and your colleagues when possible.

Here is some point you should detect as a manager:

  1. The usual behavior or mood of an employee is changing.
  2. The way an employee is interacting with colleagues is not the same (more agressive or passive).
  3. The way an employee is doing its tasks or the lost of focus on tasks.
  4. An employee seems tired, anxious or withdrawn and reduced interest in tasks they previously enjoyed.
  5. An employee is eating more/less,  smoking more/less or drinking alcohol more (less is good by the way).
  6. And maybe one of the first visible point, more sickness absences and being late at work more and more.

As a manager, even 1 of these points should warn you about the possible stress of an employee. Here is some point to handle this:

  1. You have the init the conversation in a private space or private call, don’t be disturbed during the meeting.
  2. You’ll have to be patient and allow the employee as much time as they need to talk about it, most of the time they’ll refuse they are stressed at first.
  3. Don’t forget to consider the causes of stress and how it relates to workplace relationships.
  4. Don’t hesitate to involve Human Resources (or another manager) and allow a colleague to be present is this meeting.

Please managers, don’t let people leave you because you didn’t detect stress. Please everyone, be careful about your own stress and ask for help quickly.

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