5 Reasons People Are Leaving Your Company

First things first, they are not leaving your company, my bad, they are leaving you, the bad manager. Because when you ask them “Why are you leaving?” the answer will be related directly to the managers, or other (bad?) employees not correctly managed, or the company’s culture set by the managers. See? Every answer leads […]

How To Detect Stress At Work

When you are managing a team, you have to take care about the employees. Being capable of detecting the possible stress is a good way to make a break with someone by providing them a new task, a new colleague, a free day. When you’re the employee, you also have to detect your own stress […]

How to speak about a salary raise with an employee

Sometimes an employee deserves a raise. Not just because they are the company since 1 year, but maybe because their skills are just better, they are more efficient, they took responsibilities, etc I won’t talk about the case where the employee asked for it, but you want to reward them. So, how to handle a […]