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5 Reasons People Are Leaving Your Company

First things first, they are not leaving your company, my bad, they are leaving you, the bad manager.

Because when you ask them “Why are you leaving?” the answer will be related directly to the managers, or other (bad?) employees not correctly managed, or the company’s culture set by the managers.

See? Every answer leads to the managers. A bad manager will empty it’s own company before he could even understand what’s wrong with “the company”, but in fact, it’s more “what’s wrong with me”.

Here’s 5 reasons people are leaving you, the manager(s).

A Bad Manager is Unreachable

Always in a meeting, always in a rush, always out of the office or not working on the same hours, this kind of manager is creating a feeling of loneliness on the employees shoulders.

Or when he’s reachable, he can’t make quick decisions, everything has to be reviewed in a meeting, planned for next week, with 2 more people validating everything in a trello card, waiting for everyone to check the “ok box”. This is another kind of “not reachable”.

Employees don’t like unreachable managers, they will leave soon.

A Bad Manager Overmanage or Undermanage

Overmanaging (or micromanaging) can cause stress because he’s always giving too mush details on how you should do your work. So, the employee knows that the manager is expecting something like perfection, like s·he did it himself, which won’t. Exasperation will be the next thing the employee will grow in this company, making him·her to leave soon.

On the other hand, undermanaging (leaving the management to others) will create confusion in the employee’s head. Some manager can’t even made a small decision, or to avoid conflict during meeting they will let other decide or just give small and vague directions.

These managers will make anyone leave the company.

A Bad Manager Creates Too Long or Too Many Meetings

More than 40mn for a meeting is way too much, after the first 40mn, the attention will drop, drop and drop again.

Also when a manager creates a meeting for 40mn and then relaunch another one at the end because “not done” and again “not done!”, well, that’s obviously boring, and the employee can’t even continue to work on the given tasks.
Or even worse when those meetings are overtiming the end of the day of the employee, this is not respectful and make people angry against you and then, will leave you.

A Bad Manager Don’t Recognize or Reward Good Work

Everyone need a feedback at a time, on their performance and work, a constructive advice they could use to improve again and again.

Recognition for a good job is also mandatory when it comes to staff retention. Some managers who offer a sincere thank-you or small gift card show people on their team that they appreciate their work.

People love to be thanked, rewarded, recognize te work or they’ll leave.

A Bad Manager Will Lie in Front of The Employees

When a company is known as “transparent”, the employees know what’s inside. If the manager is telling something different in public or online, the trust from the employee will flee. Don’t say “our salaries are public” but when you check the numbers, there is a big difference. Don’t say “we pay man and woman the same salary” when you don’t do it for real, employees talk together about these subjects, women will discover that they are not paid the same amount as men.

Liying will lead to departure of your employees.

Bonus: A Bad Manager Will Lose Its Employee

I’m not talking about fired people, but employees that leave the manager (remember, you don’t leave a company, you leave the manager(s)).

Check the history of the company you want to get in, because for example, losing 3 people in les than 1 year when the company doesn’t even count 20 people in, it’s way too much. The managers are surely in one (or more) of the cases we just mentioned.

If you encounter one of these managers (or one manager that is all this), don’t even try to enter this company, if you are in, leave quickly! It may be a good way to start a new job life for you.

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