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5 questions to avoid during a job interview as employer

Giving interview is not as easy as it seems. You may not ask anything you want to know. You have to respect the privacy, and because the person wants to be hired, s·he could feel bad to answer you on some personal questions.

Here comes 4 questions to avoid when you’re giving a job interview. This is not because you’re looking for a job that you have to answer to anything.

What is you religion/sexual orientation/political ideology?

Too often, this question is asked. Not always directly, but like “Do you like Donald Trump?” or “Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend?” or “Do you have to pray during the day at the office?”.

These questions shouldn’t be asked, never. It should not interfere with your business.

Do you planned to get married/have kids soon/are you pregnant yet?

Not even in a dream. Asking about marriage if not permitted, maybe they prefer to be together without marriage, this is not mandatory to be married to be happy, right?

About kids, what if one of them is sterile? What if they’re trying since 10 years? They could feel bad to answer, and not answering can sounds weird.

What is your wife’s/husband’s job?

Nope, this is not relevant for you, so this is private. Maybe his wife or her husband just got fired, maybe s·he stays at home to take care of the kids, and they’re not confortable with that already.

Do you have health issues?

The recruiter has no right to ask you about your past and present health. Any data from your medical record is your property and should not be shared with a recruiter to be hired.

I will receive some other candidates, why should I choose you and not anyone else?

This question is so disturbing, what is the goal? The candidate can not compare himself·herself to other people s•he doesn’t know. S•he will just fell uncomfortable and you don’t want that.

Instead ask him·her to talk about their skills ans talents, so much better!

The recruiter can only ask questions that are relevant for the actual job, nothing else!

If s·he’s asking you an illegal question, it’s difficult to say “It’s illegal to ask me this!!” without being rejected. Try to ask what is the link between the question and the job, logically, there is not and you can avoid the question. If s·he insists, run!

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