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4 types of questions to avoid when you apply

When you apply, you will have to answer to some questions coming from the recruiter. But you may need to ask some in return.

But be careful, some questions are suspicious!

A recruiter can’t ask you anything, because of law, at the same time, I recommend you to avoid these kind of questions:

Timesheet Questions

Talking about timings, schedules, anything related to time is not welcomed during the first meeting. The recruiter could feel like you’re already trying to do less, trying to see where you can “do nothing”.


  • What are the working time?
  • Do we have to use a time clock?
  • Can we work in free time?

Company Advantage Questions

Not already in, already asking for advantages? Mmmm nope! Try to be present for the interview and avoid asking this kind of questions.


  • What are the advantages offered by the company?
  • Can I be alone in my office?
  • Can I have a priority over the other candidate?

Money Questions

Asking about the salary is totally normal, and you should! But asking for promotions, fees, raises, now? For real! No please.


  • The company is far from home, do to refund fees for the trips?
  • What are the possible promotions during the next years?
  • When will my salary be raised?

Vacations Questions

Before asking to leave and be absent, try to work before, just saying.

  • When can I have my vacations?
  • How many weeks can I have?
  • I want to have 2 weeks of vacations right now, even hired, is it possible?

Some questions are fine, try to avoid direct questions like that, try to get the recruiter talking about that without asking is smarter.


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