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4 reasons why a CEO should do support

It may seems strange for some readers, but yes, a CEO should do some customer support. And there is some reasons for this.

Everyone if your company should do customer support in fact, even the CEO. Doing support is not a low task, it can be boring and makes you nervous, because hey, you’re talking to humans, right?

Here comes 4 reasons why a CEO should do customer support:

The CEO is also in the business of customer support

Whatever you’re selling, I bet your customer will need support at a time, so first when you run your startup, do the support yourself. Don’t think support is not for you.

If the support exists, this is mainly because of you, so assume it!

If the CEO is not listening, s·he’ll never know what the customers need

Let’s say your adding the support for VR on your product. This is your new game, playing with VR and you think it’s so cool to be compatible with that.

But, by listening your client in the support, you’ll see that, maybe it’s not the right moment to do that, maybe your product have core issues, and you should fix that before.

A good support team can not replace the CEO

If you delegate the support to a powerful dedicated team, it’s cool, but remember that your customer won’t react the same if they talk to the founder/CEO or a support teammate. When they know they’re talking to “the boss”, they will talk to you about what they want in your product or service. If you’re not doing it, you’ll miss it.

Show to your support team that this is not a low task

Because like I said, this is not a low task to answer to (angry) customers. The support is maybe the most important part of your company, if you’re realizing that yet, you’re missing something huge. Your team will be glad to see that “even the boss” is doing the support.

Of course the CEO has many other things to do each day.

And he will do, he should not spend too mush time on it, half a day is already too much! But, few hours from time to time is fine.

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