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4 prohibitions to meet deadlines

Time is expensive. You don’t want to waste it for sure. But did you try something to reduce that waste or not?

Here come 4 tips to avoid wasted time to meet deadlines.

Don’t read your email inbox when you start your day

What is the best way to waste your time and energy? Starting a day opening your mailbox. The first 2 hours of your day are the more productive for you, you’re full of good energy.

Use it to give your best, and have a break at 10h30/11h00 for your mails.

Don’t be present at all meetings

Even invited, be sure that your presence is needed this time. Ask the organizer his·her expectation about you on this particular meeting. Maybe a presentation, maybe just an opinion or even a simple presence to hear someone speaking.

Depending on the answer, you could just arrive later or leave sooner than expected, without any disturbance. This will allow you do to something else.

Don’t always be accessible to your team

As a good manager, your door or slack/skype/msn/icq (whaaat?) is always open for your teammates, colleagues and employees. nice, but there is a risk: Don’t have any moment for you. How to concentrate!

You have to fix some “Don’t disturb” time slot, so you can be more productive!

Don’t accept overload work

“It’s just a small task”, “Can you be at this meeting finally?”, “I need you to finish this today”. Well, yes but no. Even if you are not the boss, you can refuse more and more work in a limited time. Of course you can use the 2-20-2-2 technique, but it’s still limited, you can’t accept again and again and again.

If you accept and you fail, what is the worst? I think, failing is the worth, a double fail because you fail to refuse, and now failed to do it.

So what to do? Just refuse? No, ask for a better delay, or delegate this task to someone else or even switch the new one with another one!

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