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2-20-2-2 Your new simple priority method

Where the time flies, you need to be the most organized person. Using this 2-20-2-2 technique, you will!

When you’re already doing something, and some colleagues or boss ask you to do something, how to prioritize it, do you have to stop what you’re doing? Is there a best solution to know? YES it is.

It’s very simple to remember and very simple to use. Use the numbers to know how to prioritize the new arriving task:

2 minutes

If the demand takes about 2 minutes to do, do it now.


  • Could you tell me where is the document for client Robert?
  • Could you add Alfred on this Trello card?
  • Could you ask Greg to call me when you’re done?

20 minutes

If you think you need more time to realize the task, about 20 minutes, do it when your actual task is done.

Of course, remember that a task shouldn’t take that long, like a pomodoro maybe!


  • Could you send an email to client Robert?
  • Could you find the report and create a Trello card to review it?
  • Could you ask Greg this, and this, and that, and this for me?

2 hours

2 hours to do a task is not easy to place in your day, since your day is already planned since yesterday right?

So, try to negotiate a delay or ask to move your actual deadline to prioritize this new task since it can take about 2 hours to be done.


  • Could you develop this tiny new feature?
  • Could yo resolve this bug right now?
  • Could you go to the post office to send a gift for client Robert?

2 days

Well, 2 days if impossible to fit in your day… Redefining the priorities is mandatory, and to do so, ask for a meeting.

Maybe 2 days are too much, you may have overthink the task.


  • Could you re-develop this module from scratch?
  • Could you train our new employee?
  • Could you participe to the steering committee?


Never say yes to quickly. your colleague or boss can easily understand that you already have some priorities. Saying “yes” at first then can’t respect the deadline is way worse than saying “not now but I will”.

Use this technique but don’t forget to shade it, in case of urgency like a hacked website, don’t try to play with it!

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